Memberships – Committees

2019 – present        Research Member, l’Observatoire international sur les
                                    impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique (OBVIA)

2019 – present         Member, Board of Directors, Exactis

2019 – present         Member, Editorial Board, Life, Sciences, Society and                                                                      

2019 – present         Member, International Scientific Advisory Board, Qatar Precision Medicine Institute

2018 – present         Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Biogeniq

2018 – present         Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Alberta Tomorrow Project

2018 – present        Access Officer, Data Access Compliance Office,

                                   International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC)

2018 – present        Member, Social Sciences Subcommittee, Healthy Brain Healthy Lives Program

2018 – present        Independent Peer-Review, Academy of Science
                                    of South Africa (ASSAf) Council

2018 – present        Member, CARPEM, Scientific Advisory Board

2017 – present        Member, Association of Bioethics Program Directors

2017 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, 2nd
                                    International Congress on Personalized Health Care (ICPM 2018)

2016 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, Canadian Bioethics
                                    Society Annual Conference (May 2017)

2016                           Expert Reviewer, Wellcome Trust Review Panel –
                                    UK Biobank Core Renewal

2015 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, 1st International
                                    Congress on Personalized Health Care (ICPM 2016)

2015 – present        Expert Member, PRE-Ethics Incidental Findings Sub-
                                    Committee Reviewing the Tri-Council Policy Statement

2014 – present        Member, Research Theme Committee, Faculty of Medicine,
                                    McGill University

2014 – present        Member, Scientific Committee, Save Your Skin Foundation –

2014 – present        Member, External Advisory Committee, Quebec Network
                                    for Personalized Health Care (QNPHC)

2014 – present        Legal representative, Veritas IRB Research Ethics Board

2013 – present        Chair, Ethical and Legal Issues Committee,
                                    Biobank Collaborative Network (BCNet)
                                    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World
                                    Health Organization

2013 – present        Member, International Steering Committee,
                                    Biobank Collaborative Network (BCNet)
                                    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World
                                    Health Organization

2013 – present        Chair, Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Task Force
                                    PERFORM Project, Concordia University

2013 – present        Member, Board of Directors,
                                    Canadian Gene Cure Foundation

2013 – 2015              Legal representative, member of the Montreal Chest

2012 – present        Member, Scientific Committee
                                    Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec

2012 – present        Delegate, Operational Steering Committee
                                    Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)

2012 – present        Member, International Research Network on Technological
                                    Innovations, Uncertainty and the Law of Civil Liability,
                                    Faculty of Law, McGill University

2012 – 2014              Member, Board of Directors
                                    Canadian Bioethics Society

2011 – present        Graduate Member,
                                    Research Group on Health and Law (RGHL),
                                    McGill University

2009 – present        Legal representative, Montreal General Hospital’s
                                    Research Ethics Board

2009 – 2014              Member, McGill University and Genome Quebec
                                    Innovation Centre’s Environmental Health and Safety

2009 – 2011              Legal representative, Montreal Jewish General
                                    Hospital’s Research Ethics Board


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