Memberships – Committees

2022 – present        External Juror, Scientific Committee, Foundation Brocher

2022 – present        Member, Board of Directors, Human Cell Atlas Inc.

2021 – present         Expert Reviewer, Review Panel, UK Biobank Core Renewal

2021 – present         Associate Member, Canadian College of Medical Geneticists 

2020 – present         Member, Data Sharing Committee, Canadian COVID-19 Genomics Netowrk (CanCOGeN)

2020 – present         Member, Coordination Committee, Canadian COVID-19 Genomics Network (CanCOGeN)

2020 – present         Member, Task Team, Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH)

2020 – present         Member, Regular Researcher, Quebec COVID-Pandemic Network (QCPN)

2020 – present         Member, Pan-Canadian Genomic Consent Working Group, CIHR

2020 – present         Member, CanCOVID

2020 – present         Member, Steering Committee, Biobanque Québécoise de la COVID-19

2020 – present         Member, Task Force, Biobanque Québécoise de la COVID-19

2020 – present        Member, Pan-Canadian Population Cohort Working Group, Canadian Institutes of Health
                                   Research (CIHR) & Genome Canada

2019 – present        Research Member, l’Observatoire international sur les
                                    impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique (OBVIA)

2019 – present         Member, Board of Directors, Exactis

2019 – present         Member, Editorial Board, Life, Sciences, Society and                                                                      

2019 – present         Member, International Scientific Advisory Board, Qatar Precision Medicine Institute

2018 – present         Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Biogeniq

2018 – present         Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Alberta Tomorrow Project

2018 – present        Access Officer, Data Access Compliance Office,

                                   International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC)

2018 – present        Member, Social Sciences Subcommittee, Healthy Brain Healthy Lives Program

2018 – present        Independent Peer-Review, Academy of Science
                                    of South Africa (ASSAf) Council

2018 – present        Member, CARPEM, Scientific Advisory Board

2017 – present        Member, Association of Bioethics Program Directors

2017 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, 2nd
                                    International Congress on Personalized Health Care (ICPM 2018)

2016 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, Canadian Bioethics
                                    Society Annual Conference (May 2017)

2016                           Expert Reviewer, Wellcome Trust Review Panel –
                                    UK Biobank Core Renewal

2015 – present        Member, Scientific Planning Committee, 1st International
                                    Congress on Personalized Health Care (ICPM 2016)

2015 – 2019               Expert Member, PRE-Ethics Incidental Findings Sub-
                                    Committee Reviewing the Tri-Council Policy Statement

2014 – 2016               Member, Research Theme Committee, Faculty of Medicine,
                                    McGill University

2014 – 2016               Member, Scientific Committee, Save Your Skin Foundation –

2014 – 2018               Member, External Advisory Committee, Quebec Network
                                    for Personalized Health Care (QNPHC)

2014 – present        Legal representative, Veritas IRB Research Ethics Board

2013 – 2017               Chair, Ethical and Legal Issues Committee,
                                    Biobank Collaborative Network (BCNet)
                                    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World
                                    Health Organization

2013 – 2017               Member, International Steering Committee,
                                    Biobank Collaborative Network (BCNet)
                                    International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), World
                                    Health Organization

2013 – present        Chair, Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Task Force
                                    PERFORM Project, Concordia University

2013 – present        Member, Board of Directors,
                                    Canadian Gene Cure Foundation

2013 – 2015              Legal representative, member of the Montreal Chest

2012 – present        Member, Scientific Committee
                                    Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec

2012 – present        Delegate, Operational Steering Committee
                                    Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP)/CanPath

2012 – present        Member, International Research Network on Technological
                                    Innovations, Uncertainty and the Law of Civil Liability,
                                    Faculty of Law, McGill University

2012 – 2014              Member, Board of Directors
                                    Canadian Bioethics Society

2011 – present        Graduate Member,
                                    Research Group on Health and Law (RGHL),
                                    McGill University

2009 – 2012               Legal representative, Montreal General Hospital’s
                                    Research Ethics Board

2009 – 2014              Member, McGill University and Genome Quebec
                                    Innovation Centre’s Environmental Health and Safety

2009 – 2011              Legal representative, Montreal Jewish General
                                    Hospital’s Research Ethics Board


Grants Review, Board Memberships and Peer-Review (Academic Publications)

2021 present               Member, Advisory Board of Journal of Community Genetics

2021 present              Associate EditorFrontiers
                                          Board of ELSI in Science and Genetics (speciality
                                          section of Frontiers in Genetics, Frontiers in
                                          Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Frontiers in
                                          Pharmacology and Frontiers in Sociology)

2020 present              Member, Ethics Advisory Committee, Genetics in Medicine

2020                                 Guest EditorFrontiers 
                                          Research Topic: Bioethics Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

2019                                 Editor, “Country Reports” in Journal of Law,
                                          Medicine and Ethics
47(4), 582-704

2019 – present              Member, Editorial Board of Life, Sciences, Society               
                                          and Policy

2018                                  Expert Reviewer, National Institutes of Health
                                           (NIH), R01, R03, R21, K01, K99, Applications

2016                                  Expert Reviewer, Wellcome Trust Review Panel, UK
                                           Biobank Core Renewal

2014 – present              Associate Editor, Applied & Translational Genomics                                           

2014 – present              Regular Peer-reviewer, Journal of Medical Genetics

2013 – present              Member, International Editorial Advisory Board of
                                          Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized                                                                                     
                                          Medicine (CPPM)

2013 – present              Review Editor, Editorial Board of Frontiers in ELSI in
                                          Science and Genetics

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